4 140 $ par mois

Appartement à louer - Westmount

4 140 $ par mois

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4 140 $ par mois

Appartement à louer - Westmount

4 140 $ par mois

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336 Av. Grosvenor, Westmount, H3Z 2M2

Magnifique appartement tout rénové avec goût. 3 chambres, 2 salles de bains (plancher chauffant), balcon avant et grande terrasse adjacente à la cuisine. Chambre principale/suite avec rangement et salles de bains attenante. Hauts plafonds de 9.2 pieds, climatisation murale, nouveaux planchers d'érable sur tout l'étage. Propre et inondé de lumière naturelle. Coin laveuse-sécheuse. En plein coeur du Village Victoria où tout se fait à pied. Une occasion unique!!

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Particularités du bâtiment
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Particularities plusParticularities minus

to be assumed by the lessee: snow removal for the terrace and the front stairs, electricity, heating and hot water.

Although snow removal of the parking and front entrance is included, the tenant is responsible for clearing emergency exits and private balcony and terrace.

The current tenants are assigning their lease.

1. It is understood that the LESSOR's insurance does not cover the LESSEE's personal property, to
effect, a proof of $2 million civil liability insurance will be provided by the tenant upon
delivery of the dwelling.
2. The dwelling is non-smoking. Air-Bnb subletting and the cultivation of cannabis are strictly
3. The LESSEE will pay the rent directly to the LESSOR by bank transfer (or interact transfer).
4. No cosmetic alterations to the dwelling may be made without the permission of the LESSOR, this
includes painting of walls, woodwork, installation of wallpaper, etc.
5. One cat is permitted in the lease.
6. The above-mentioned dwelling is semi-furnished and the LESSEE agrees to return it in the same
condition except regular wear and tear. For this purpose, a security deposit of the equivalent of
one month's rent is required at the delivery of the keys. This amount will be refunded to the
LESSEE within five (5) days after the end of the term following a complete inspection of the
premises. Damages to the condo and its contents will be deducted from the replacement value of the
security deposit.
7. The number of persons living in the unit on a full-time basis will be disclosed prior to
of a promise to lease. If the number of occupants were to change, the LESSEE will notify the
8. Communications: The parties agree to transmit/receive all notices relating to the lease, as
well as procedure by any method of transmission accepted by law, including electronically through
emails indicated on the lease. It is the responsibility of each party to inform the other party of
any change of email address without delay.
9. The LESSEE must ensure that the emergency exits and the passageway are kept clear at all times.
10. The front windows will be replaced within the next few months, they are back ordered.
11. A promise to lease will conditional upon LESSOR verifying proof of LESSEE's employment,
income, photo identification, and proof of residency within five (5) days following acceptance of
this promise to lease. If the LESSOR is not satisfied with the results of this verification, the
LESSOR shall notify the LESSEE in writing within two (2) days following the expiration of the
above-mentioned delay. This promise to lease shall become null and void upon receipt of such
notice by the LESSEE. If the LESSOR fails to notify the LESSEE within the above-mentioned
period, he shall be deemed to have waived this condition

Particularités du bâtiment
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Particularités du terrain
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Détails des pièces
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Pièces Niveau Dimensions Revêtement Détails
Salon 3e niveau 16'4" X 10'11" Bois Foyer decoratif
Chambre 3e niveau 13'3" X 9'4" Bois Balcon
Salle à manger 3e niveau 16'4" X 14'1" Bois
Chambre 3e niveau 14'4" X 9'11" Bois
Salle de bains 3e niveau 11'2" X 8'9" irr. Tuiles Plancher chauffant
Cuisine 3e niveau 14'10" X 12'3" Bois Porte terrasse
Chambre principale 3e niveau 12'3" X 11'11" Bois Fenêtres 3 côtés
Salle de bains 3e niveau 9'4" X 8'2" Bois Immense douche
Véranda 3e niveau 27' X 9' Bois Prise extérieure
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Inclusions & Exclusions
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Réfrigérateur, lave-vaisselle, cuisinière, fixtures d'éclairage (sauf salle à manger), 2 climatiseurs muraux, 2 étagères dans le salon, stationnement extérieur, usage exclusif du balcon et terrasse au 3 étage.

Électericité, chauffage et eau chaude, télécommunications. Plafonnier de salle à manger (à être remplacé par le plafonnier des propriétaires), miroir et pharmacie dans la s. de bains de la chambre principale (à être remplacés par les miroirs des propriétaires), laveuse et sécheuse (à être remplacés)

Détails financiers
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    336 Av. Grosvenor, Westmount, H3Z 2M2
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